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Tory Conscience?

March 27, 2010

It seems strange to me that I should have always found myself, from my boyhood, en face with Toryism; without thrusting myself in its way, yet ever battling against it whether offensively or defensively. Is it due to my dear father, Headley, who was a staunch Radical, that I became in very childhood unconsciously indoctrinated with the parental principle? It cannot be (or can it?) that Radicalism comes to rational beings by instinct? Its germ may be an innate love of what is good, just and true, cultivable by culture or possibly forced by the experience of compulsory surroundings; but if this be so as to Radicalism, how is it with Toryism? Is that instructive, begotten in despotic natures by self-love, and blossoming in personal assumption and social tyranny? That these are antagonistic forces there can be no question; and there is little doubt that, in one form or another, they will co-exist; as good or evil, to the crack of doom. Meanwhile, mind is on the march; and, as the world progresses and man advances intellectually and morally, the power of the workers of iniquity must recede before the internal conscience of the Children of Light.


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