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Jackie Tar.

July 29, 2009

Don Manuel de Sarratea (Argentinian Diplomat).

Don Manuel de Sarratea (Argentinian Diplomat).

The next two years of my life were passed in the comparatively uneventful employment as a clerk in the office of Messrs. Hullett Brothers and Company, South American merchants, in Austin Friars, London. This position my father had helped to secure through his considerable trade connections. The firm stipulated with my father that I should take daily lessons in the Spanish language from Mr. McHenry by whose professional capacity, aided to a considerable extent by my previous knowledge of Latin and French, I became speedily qualified to play the part of interpreter and cicerone to an eminent South American statesman, Don Manuel de Sarratea, on his diplomatic visit to this country.

This gentleman being consigned to the commercial courtesy and personal friendship of my employers, it was my good fortune to be assigned in aid of his linguistic deficiency and my perverse stupidity to refuse a handsome offer to accompany him on his return home to the River Plate. My ordinary occupation, however, was that of a shipping clerk, necessitating daily visits to the docks and their neighbourhood; a circumstance which again brought me into contact with the men that form the life blood of this great county.

I spent hours of my leisure time listening to the stories of some mighty adventure in some far off land. These tales from the mouth of the merchant seamen also told of the savagery towards the African natives; and also of that which, on capture, they had to endure on board ship throughout their journey to the New World. The sickness was even the more heart felt when the tales of savagery by those in office towards the hardworking tar. It was thus that I learned of the hardships of man and their continual difficulty to survive in this the greatest of all countries.


It was thus that forced my hand to pen the letter to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent and present a poem from the heart entitled TRUE PATRIOTISM!

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  1. Joe Riera permalink
    June 25, 2018 4:57 pm

    Nice post, Mr. Acland, but, why don’t you tell me more about your experience at Hullett Brothers? Do you knew Mr. Charles Widder? Don Manuel de Sarratea, and Don Antonio de Irisarri told me not long ago that he is from Bavaria, and a very close friend of Mr. John Hullett.

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