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Distribution of The Bristolian newspaper…

April 5, 2010


A few Boys to take out The Bristolian Publication.
Apply at the Printing Office, Union Place,
Ship Lane, Cathay; or Mr. Honywill’s,
100 Temple Street.

There had been a number of complaints sent to the Bristolian office concerning the antics of my Bristolian Boys disturbing the quiet of the City whilst selling and distributing The Bristolian newspaper. They are said to be blowing their horns continually and very loudly, and on occasions blowing their horn under some ladies bonnets.

On WEDNESDAY NEXT, the boy’s, instead of proceeding on their rounds with The Bristolian publication, will occupy certain fixed Situations from Eight o’clock in the Morning until Eight o’clock in the Evening, and I have endeavoured so to arrange the Stations, as that they shall be as centrally and conveniently placed as possible. I thus relieve the Public from the annoyance of the horns, which I have long been desirous of doing, and should have long since have done, had I known that it was certain folks intention to compel me to such a course. The Boys will remain on their stations only the Wednesdays and Saturdays. On the Thursday and Monday they will be sent through their respective districts.


1. – Exchange

2. – Bottom of Park Street.

3. – Drawbridge

4. – Corner of King Street & Prince’s Street.

5. – Bristol Bridge

6. – Bedminster Bridge.

7. – Bath Parade.

8. – St. Peter’ s Hospital.

9. – Corner of Broadmead & Old King Street.

10. – Prison, Gloucester Road.

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