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This was in my pocket…

July 27, 2009
Perhaps I was on my way there?

Perhaps I was on my way there?

Perhaps I was returning?

Perhaps I was returning?

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  1. July 27, 2009 3:38 pm

    “…The second time I breakfasted in Harley Street was in the days of the Eastern question. Mr. John Morley was one of the party. Mr. Gladstone had again the same disengaged manner. Before his guests broke up he entered the room, bearing on his arm a pile of letters and telegrams, and apologised for leaving us as he had to attend to them. That morning Mr. Bright came in, and seeing me, said, “Poor Acland is dead. Of course there was nothing in the house, and a few of us had to subscribe to bury him.” James Acland was the rider on a white horse who preceded Cobden and Bright the day before their arrival to address the farmers on the anti-Corn Law tour in the counties. Mr. Gladstone’s grand-daughter was to have arrived at Harley Street that morning, but her nurse missed the train. When she appeared, Bright, who had suggested dolorous adventures to account for her non-appearance, proposed, when the child was announced to be upstairs, that a charge of sixpence should be made for each person going to see her…”

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